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18 Wheeler Legal Requirements

Every year truck, 18 wheeler accident lawsuits-wheelers and tractor trailers are involved in a variety of accidents. They transport dangerous loads and have higher insurance requirements than private vehicles.

The majority of truck accidents are caused by fatigued drivers. The law limits the amount of time truck drivers are allowed to drive and requires they keep accurate logs.

Weight limit

As Americans are continuing to shift away from traditional retail in-person and move towards online commerce the road is becoming more packed with trucks of Amazon, FedEx and other shipping companies. As a result, many drivers struggle to keep pace with the speed and maneuverability of these huge vehicles. This is a problem for all drivers, but smaller vehicles and passenger cars are having a difficult time maneuvering around these huge vehicles.

There are laws governing the legal limit of 18-wheelers. This applies to the truck and the cargo it is carrying. It’s important to be aware of the legal limit so you can avoid driving over them and putting yourself in danger.

The maximum gross vehicle weight for trucks is 80,000 lbs. There are different weight limits for axle groups and single axles. Federal Bridge Formula, for example, restricts the weight of one axle to 20000 pounds. Tandem axles, however, are limited to 34,000 pounds. In addition to these regulations, states also have their own weight restrictions for single-axle and axle groups.

The penalties for exceeding the weight limit vary from state to state, but can include fines up to $16,000. In certain cases fines could be ordered by the driver’s employers. In addition, 18 wheeler accident lawsuit repeat offenders could be penalized more than first-time offenders.

Lane restrictions

In addition to weight restrictions, laws of a majority of states govern where trucks are allowed to drive on highways. For instance, some states separate large trucks and prohibit them from driving on the left side on roads with multiple lanes. This law is designed to stop cars from following trucks too closely and potentially causing an accident.

In these scenarios, the truck driver would have no choice but to change lanes or risk a collision with cars that are driving behind them. To ensure that trucks can easily pass slower vehicles, they need to be in the right lane. Truck drivers must also be able to observe other motor vehicles in the left lane for hazards or traffic control devices that require them to turn.

Those who ignore these laws put themselves and other drivers at risk for serious accidents. If a motorist gets injured by a truck that has violated lane restriction laws the driver could be entitled to compensation.

Trucks have the largest blind spots of any vehicle on the road, and need plenty of space to move around. In some instances, drivers in smaller cars cut off trucks when changing lanes, which can cause them to jackknife. Sometimes, drivers slow down to the point where the truck can’t move past them, and this puts both parties at risk of an accident.

Bumper guards

Before installing bumper guards, look up the laws of your state. Some states don’t allow bumper guards while some only allow them on vehicles that are parked. They can be used to safeguard your vehicle when you park in crowded areas or in cities where parallel parking is common. These devices protect your vehicle from scratches and dents caused by drivers who are taller backing up into your vehicle or SUV.

They are also useful in stopping collisions with tree branches. They look like cowcatchers on freight trains, and they’re commonplace on off-road vehicles. They can be used to push brush and 18 wheeler accident lawsuit other debris aside and even to protect headlights.

There are a variety of different ways to install a bumper guard, including stick-on rubber strips and mat-style protectors. The stick-on type is the most convenient to use since it can be removed in just a few minutes without leaving a sticky residue. However, this type isn’t very secure and doesn’t provide all the angles of your truck.

Certain companies make mat-style protective covers that fold or roll-up for storage and transport. The Luv-Tap is a well-loved model that is made of gentle padded cotton material and can be adjusted to suit different sizes of vehicles. It also has bright silver reflectors that increase visibility under poor lighting conditions. It has two straps that can be used to secure it to the trunk of your car and can be flipped up at any time.


Truck accidents can cause grave injuries and even death. This is why state and federal regulations require trucking companies carry more insurance policies than regular passenger cars. They could be worth up to 40 times more than the standard insurance policy. Trucking insurers, however, will do whatever they can to avoid paying victim claims. They often try to entice injured victims into making a recorded statement or employ other methods to limit their liability. If you are filing a claim after an 18 wheeler accident lawsuit (click here now)-wheeler wreck, it is important to consult an experienced Denver truck accident attorney.

The requirements for trucking insurance are complex and differ by jurisdiction. The most common type of insurance is primary liability, which covers damage to property caused by the truck in an accident. It is also recommended to consider the liability and cargo insurance for other purposes. The former covers the truck while it’s carrying a load, and it is often included in a truck driver’s contract with their carrier. The latter, often referred to as “bobtail” coverage, shields both the driver and the truck when it is between loads.

If you have been injured in an 18 wheeler accident attorneys wheeler accident, you should know that the minimum insurance limits for tractor-trailers is considerably lower than those that are required for passenger vehicles. You will have to fight the insurance firm of the trucking company for a fair settlement. A knowledgeable Memphis truck accident lawyer will determine all potentially liable parties including the driver and the trucking company and any dram shops that might have over-served the driver.

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