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Why Driver Error is the Biggest Cause of Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving trucks can cause serious injuries to anyone who is involved.

An experienced personal injury attorney will help you understand more about your legal rights following a trucking accident. They’ll be able to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and medical expenses.

Driver Error

There are many variables which can trigger an accident on the road, but driver error is among the most common. In fact, a study done by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that driver error was at the root of 87% of accidents investigated!

Trucking accidents can be very dangerous. This is why it is so important to seek legal representation. A lawyer who is experienced and to your side can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages.

The first thing an attorney can do to determine the root of the accident on the road is to gather evidence. This can include looking over the history of maintenance for the truck and getting an expert’s opinion on the truck’s mechanical state, and even getting the trucking company’s release of the logs of its drivers, which are required by law.

Another important aspect is determining whether the driver violated hours-of-service regulations. These laws regulate how long a trucker is allowed to operate their truck and how long they can rest before they must return to work. Truckers who exceed FMCSA’s limits may be held accountable for any harm they cause in an accident.

Fatigue is also a leading factor in trucking accidents. A trucker who is fatigued can cause him to be less responsive in an emergency and can result in dangerous mistakes, like driving too fast in bad weather conditions.

Accidents involving trucks are often the result of driver distraction. truck Accident lawsuit drivers may be distracted by eating, texting or meditating, or using navigational or GPS devices, which can make it difficult to react to emergency situations.

Driver error can also result from improper loading or speeding up, fatigue, as well as other factors. When drivers are distracted in any way, they are more likely to be distracted and miss the gaps, ignore warning signs that danger is imminent and may even panic or freeze up in a crash.

While these mistakes can occur to anyone, truck drivers are especially susceptible to making errors. This is because they operate a massive, powerful vehicle that requires more attention than smaller passenger cars. They also have more pressure to deliver their cargo on time.

Improper Loading

Improper loading of trucks is a significant contributing factor to many truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the trucking industry by establishing hours of operation as well as ensuring that vehicles adhere to the weight and size restrictions, and educating truck drivers about safe loading.

Unfortunately, truck drivers frequently violate these regulations in order to reach their destinations quicker and avoid fines. They also fail to be safe while driving.

The resultant accidents aren’t only dangerous for those who are involved in the collision but cause injuries and damage to other motorists who share the road with a commercial truck. Truck accidents can involve rolling over, jackknifing, or colliding with other vehicles.

The weight of heavy loads can cause issues with steering and braking. This is especially relevant if the load was not secured or shifted properly.

You must immediately seek medical attention if are injured in an accident involving trucks. An attorney for personal injuries can assist you in determining who is at fault and what damages you’re entitled to.

Overloading a truck could affect its ability to stop at the right time, causing rear-end collisions as well as other traffic accidents. Overloading a truck can also impact its ability to drive, which can lead to jackknifing and loss of control.

These issues can also be caused by weather conditions, such as rain or snow on the tie-downs that secure cargo. This could cause the bungee cords and ropes that connect to the truck to break or slip, and truck Accident lawsuit cargo could fall off the truck.

Unsecure cargo can cause serious injuries and even death to anyone who is in its path. A Massachusetts attorney can help you learn about the legal obligations of all parties involved in an accident which involves a vehicle that has been not properly loaded.

You should seek compensation if suffer injuries in an accident caused by the improper loading of a truck. Based on the specifics of your situation, you could be entitled to receive monetary damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Tire Blowouts

In a trucking crash, the blowout of a tire can cause severe injuries or even death. It could also cause debris to scatter and hit other vehicles on the road and cause an accident.

Blowouts can be caused by many factors, including low air pressure, worn tires, and improper maintenance or inspection of the truck. These incidents could have been avoided in many instances if the trucking company or driver had followed the proper procedures to avoid blowouts.

Federal law requires truck drivers to take regular breaks and ensure their trucks are in good shape. They must also check the truck thoroughly and report any issues immediately. In certain instances the trucking company might employ a contractor to carry out inspections and repair work and if it fails to meet its legal obligations in these areas, it could be held responsible for any accidents that result from its inattention.

One of the most frequent causes of trucking accident tire blowouts is high speed driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration truckers frequently exceed the safe limits of speed for commercial vehicles. This could cause tires to wear out and result in them blowing out.

An attorney who specializes on big rig accidents can assist you file a claim for compensation if you have been injured in a trucking accident triggered by blowout. They can investigate your case and determine who was responsible for the crash.

You should also consider who was the person responsible for the tire that blew up. If the tire manufacturer produced an incorrect tire, you may bring a claim of product liability against them.

After the blowout of a tire the driver could lose control of their truck as the vehicle becomes unstable. This could lead to an accident, such as a rollover or an accident with a jackknife.

When a large semi-truck accident law firms or truck blows its tires, it may alter the weight balance of the vehicle, which can affect its stability. This could cause the cab to snap , or the truck to overturn and cause serious injury.

It is essential to recognize that a tire blowout could happen anytime, anywhere and is often an unpreventable accident. The most important thing to remember is that the industry of trucking is heavily regulated, therefore it is vital to follow all traffic laws and maintain your personal vehicle to avoid getting injured in a trucking accident.

Squeeze-Type Accidents

As opposed to passenger vehicles commercial trucks like semi trucks 18 wheelers, semi trucks, and tractor trailers require special maneuvering on the road due to their size and weight. Truck drivers are concerned about the security of these vehicles as well as their ability to avoid getting rolled over.

Squeeze play accidents are when a passenger vehicle is stuck between a large truck, tractor trailer, or a wall. This can happen while the vehicle is trying to pass a big truck’s driver on a turn. This can lead to serious injuries and property damage, particularly for smaller vehicles.

Trucks should have plenty space to maneuver to avoid this type of accident. It’s also crucial to be attentive to the signals of truck drivers and ensure that they’re not making the wrong turn and turning wide which is usually the reason behind squeeze play accidents.

Another reason to be cautious around large trucks is that their cabs are tall. This makes it difficult for other drivers to see their blind spots. Drivers could be mistakenly passing a large rig right even though the truck is turning left.

This can lead to an asymmetrical collision, where the vehicle in front of the truck hits the side of the big rig. It is then forced to turn into other lanes, causing multi-vehicle pileups as well as further damage to the truck, the occupants of both vehicles, and any other motorists.

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident caused by the squeeze play, then it’s crucial to speak to an attorney who has experience handling such cases. They can evaluate your case and determine if the truck driver is responsible for the accident, and help you file claims for compensation.

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