20 Boat Accident Lawyer Websites That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

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What Is Boat Accident Litigation?

Many people are injured in boating accidents each year. These accidents are more serious than car accidents because there is no seat belt and the injuries are generally more severe.

Like in a car accident lawsuit there must be proof of negligence in order to be compensated. To show negligence, a lawyer must prove that someone was obligated to you and acted in breach of it directly causing your injury.

The reason for the accident

After a boating crash, the first thing to do is ensure that everyone is safe. The lawyer will then collect all the information needed including the names and contact information of all those involved in an accident, as well as witnesses.

The next step is to conduct an in-depth investigation into the causes of the accident. This involves looking over the evidence to see how the accident happened and any injuries or damages that could have been caused as by the collision.

Human error is a major cause of a number of boat accidents. These errors can lead to tragedy, whether the operator was distracted, driving at unsafe speed, drunken boating, or simply making bad decisions in the face of an emergency.

Other boat accident law firm accidents result from mechanical issues or defective components. If these problems caused the accident, your lawyer will investigate and determine if the liability of the manufacturer is at issue.

Other boat accidents can result in drowning or head trauma because of a collision with another vessel or object. This can result in a person falling overboard and causing 70 percent of all deaths from boating reported in New York since 2005. These accidents can also result from collisions between boats and fixed objects, like bridges, piers or submerged rocks.


Compensation can assist families and victims deal with the financial burdens that result from an accident. A successful claim could cover medical expenses, lost wages resulting from time off work due to injury, and other costs.

Similar to car accidents, in order to claim damages for accidents involving boats victims must prove that the person who caused their injuries violated their duty of care and that this breach was the sole cause of their damages. Boat operators may breach their duty of care by driving under the influence or speeding on the water.

It is important that victims collect as much information as they can following a boating crash. It is vital to collect the names and contact numbers of anyone who witnessed the accident and can give a full account. This could help bolster the case in court or with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Victims who have been injured can file product liability lawsuits in addition to claims against the owner of the boat and operator. A lawyer who specializes in boating accidents can aid injured victims determine whether the manufacturer is responsible. In cases where government agencies are responsible for causing an unsafe situation on water, it could be possible to bring an federal maritime law claim against them.


In a case of negligence the plaintiff must prove that the negligent actions of another party led to their injuries. You must prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care, but violated that duty, and their breach was directly accountable for your injury.

Anyone who runs the vessel has a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of their passengers. This includes supplying life vests as well as ensuring that the vessel is safe and sound, boat accidents and not speeding it up. If a person operating a boat violates this obligation and causes injury to someone else, that party can be held liable.

Mechanical failure can also be a major cause of boat accident attorney-related accidents. A defective engine, electrical system or gear shifts for instance can cause an accident that kills a boater. Your New York boat accident lawyer will examine the circumstances to determine if there is any product liability and hold the manufacturers accountable.

Victims of injury are entitled to claim future and past medical expenses that include ambulance service costs medical bills hospital treatment expenses including nursing services, as well as the cost of medications. The injured are also entitled to claim lost wages in the event of injuries and not able to return to work. Additionally, you could be entitled to recover compensation for any pain and suffering you endured in the aftermath of the accident.

Statute of Limitations

Boat accident litigation is a legal term used to describe any incident that involves a watercraft which causes serious injury. Similar to the case with car accidents the calculation of damages and the identification of the parties responsible is a part of the compensation process. This process can take from months to years if it’s necessary to file a lawsuit against an insurance company.

Many boat-related accidents occur as a result of the negligence of others. Negligence is defined as any action that does not meet the standards of care that a reasonable person would have applied in a particular situation. Whether it is collision with another vessel or a stationary object drowning that is fatal, negligence can cause serious injuries and even death.

Typically the victims of boat accidents have two years to make a civil suit. However, depending on state law and special circumstances that exist, this deadline may be extended.

Insurance companies often argue that the plaintiff injured is partially responsible for their injuries. Our NYC lawyer for boat accidents will work hard to disprove this claim and limit the amount of responsibility attributed to you. This will allow you to get the highest amount of money possible. If the negligence of a government entity caused your injury and you were injured, a different set of rules will apply. These cases typically involve the State of New York, and an experienced attorney can help navigate these unique regulations.

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