20 Things That Only The Most Devoted Semi Truck Case Fans Should Know

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Why It Is Important to Have a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer on Your Side

The circumstances surrounding truck accidents are different from car crashes and involve several more factors. It can be a challenge to navigate the maze of liability from the at-fault driver and trucking company, to third party brokers and parts manufacturers.

Economic damages include reimbursement for medical expenses as well as lost income and property damage. Noneconomic damages include emotional discomfort, pain and suffering.


The severity of the injuries that are sustained in a collision with a truck can result in huge medical expenses. These expenses can quickly wipe out the savings of a victim, leaving them in debt for many years. It is crucial to have an semi truck accident law firms (here.) Truck Accident Lawyer on your side as early as you can, prior to accepting an insurance company’s initial offer. Your attorney will examine the offer carefully to ensure that it adequately covers medical expenses or lost income as well as other financial requirements.

Trucking claims are usually more complicated than other vehicle accidents. They involve multiple parties with more evidence, and a completely different set of laws and regulations. It is crucial to employ an Houston truck accident attorney who has experience in dealing with trucking companies and their insurers and the manufacturers of truck parts.

Trucking Companies need an attorney who has experience dealing with them.

Safety regulations are extremely strict for trucking companies and drivers. They are required to conduct background checks as well as limitations on the number of hours that they can drive in the course of a shift. Infractions to these rules could lead to negligence, which could lead to a crash. A Houston truck accident lawyer can help you hold the trucking company accountable for the negligence of its driver.

An Attorney With Experience Dealing with Parts Manufacturers for Trucks. Parts Manufacturers

The owner of the truck or manufacturer could also be accountable for an accident along with the trucking company. A lawyer may bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer if the defective component was the reason for the accident. These cases require a thorough investigation into the manufacturing process, semi truck accident law Firms design and the actions taken by the company to warn consumers of the risks. Patrick Daniel Law aggressively litigates against negligent truck parts manufacturers on behalf of our clients.

A Lawyer who can demonstrate Legal Liability

A Houston truck accident lawyer can establish liability by establishing the defendant’s inability to perform their obligations, which led to the accident and your injuries. This is done by utilizing evidence such as witness statements, police reports and the black box of the truck which stores data on the speed the truck was traveling at and other information. Your lawyer can also collect other evidence to support your claim, including medical documents, bills and proof of property damage.

Your lawyer will examine your damages and determine the best amount you should be awarded for both economic and non-economic losses. This includes current and future medical expenses and lost income, funeral costs and semi truck accident law Firms other financial burdens. Non-economic damages could include mental anguish as well as pain and suffering, and loss of quality of living.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a judge may give punitive damages. These are meant to penalize the party at fault for their reckless conduct and deter them from committing similar crimes.

Like other motor vehicle crashes one can expect a truck crash to be more complex due to the size and weight of commercial trucks. Your Houston truck accident attorney will defend your rights and understand the complexities involved in these cases. Contact us today to arrange a free case evaluation.

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