7 Little Changes That'll Make A Huge Difference In Your Semi Truck Law

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Is a Semi Truck Accident Legal?

The first thing you should do if you are involved in a semi-truck collision is to stay at the scene. Take photographs of the vehicles and the surrounding area, and then talk to witnesses.

Truck drivers who make bad choices like texting and driving, speeding, or disregarding trucking regulations can be held accountable for the accidents they cause. In many cases, the company that owns the truck could also share liability.


Truck accidents can cause serious injuries and even damage to vehicles and property. Because of their enormous size and weight, commercial vehicles typically carry several layers of insurance to help cover the costs of these accidents. If you find out that the truck driver who hit your vehicle was not insured, or had only the minimum amount of insurance required, you might feel like you can’t get compensation for the damage you’ve suffered. This is where an experienced semi accident lawyer comes in. They can investigate the case and identify other sources for compensation, including the trucking company or owner who hired the uninsured drivers, or let them use their vehicles.

A lawyer who handles truck accidents could also examine your insurance policy for your vehicle to determine whether there are any other coverages that could apply to your accident. For instance, medical insurance (also known as med-pay or personal injury protection) may be able to cover a portion of your medical expenses according to the laws of your state regarding insurance. In addition, some states require UM/UIM (uninsured/underinsured motorist) coverage, which pays for your losses in the event you are injured by an at-fault driver who doesn’t have any or enough car insurance to cover your damages.

Having a knowledgeable attorney in your corner can also speed up the process of getting your settlement. They can negotiate with the insurance company to increase your settlement and help you get back on your feet faster following a truck crash. A lawyer can assist you to create a demand plan that covers all of your expenses. They will also assist you in determining the value of your claim.

The value of a claim for an accident involving a truck will depend on several factors, including the extent of your injuries, the treatment received, property damage and the amount of pain and suffering. The higher the value of your claim, the greater your losses will be. But, there are other variables that impact the value of your claim like the type of truck used, the weather conditions, the truck driver’s and trucking company’s history and many other. The process of determining your claim’s value could take a number of negotiation, and how long it takes to receive the settlement will depend on the amount you request for and the willingness of the insurance company to accept the settlement.


When trucks collide with passenger vehicles and passenger vehicles, the consequences are usually devastating. Along with severe injuries and long-term disabilities, semi truck accident lawyers truck accidents can result in significant property damage and possibly death. Fortunately, those who can prove that the truck driver or the trucking company was negligent may be able to recover compensation for their losses. A New York City truck accident attorney can assist you in filing an insurance claim or sue the party responsible for the accident.

The nature of truck accidents is different from other motor vehicle collisions that usually involve just two parties. They typically involve multiple defendants as well as complicated legal issues. For instance, a truck driver’s insurance policy and the one of their employer could have to be contrasted. Trucking companies might also have rules and regulations to adhere to. A lawyer who has truck accident experience can review these factors and determine who is accountable for your losses.

Semi-truck accident victims can seek compensation for both economic damages as well as non-economic damages. Economic damages can include past, present and future medical expenses, lost wages, repair costs for vehicles, as well as maintenance costs for vehicles. Non-economic damages are more complicated and include things like mental anguish in the form of pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of your life. The amount you receive for these damages will depend on the severity of your injuries as well as the impact they’ve had on your life.

Your lawyer will help determine the proper damages for your case, and will fight to negotiate the best settlement possible. They will also ensure that any offer you accept will adequately cover the current and future costs which include lost income as well as medical bills. They can also assist you to determine your options for pre-settlement funding or legal funding which can be used to help pay your costs while your lawsuit is in process.

Your lawyer is also an experienced negotiator who will negotiate with the responsible party to maximize the settlement. They are aware of the evidence to gather and will have access records, such as black box data, driver’s logs, GPS devices and others. which can be used to prove the trucker is negligent. They will also be capable of identifying other parties who might be responsible for your losses, such as the owner of the truck or their employer.


Accidents involving trucks can be one of the most fatal on the roads. A collision with one of these huge vehicles can result in devastating consequences. Because trucks weigh up to an 80,000-pound weight, they exert an enormous amount of force when they collide with cars or other vehicles, and this could result in severe property injury and death. A New York City semi accident lawyer can assist victims of these crashes obtain the compensation they deserve for their losses.

In some cases the semi-truck driver could be held accountable for an accident. However, this is not always the situation. If it is proven that the trucking company they’re employed by forced them to meet unrealistic deadlines or cut corners in maintenance and safety, they may also be held liable. The owner of the truck can also be held accountable if they loaned it to the trucking company, rather than owning it outright.

The police report, witness testimony, and other sources may provide evidence in a truck crash case. The driving history of the truck driver, semi truck Accident as well as any prior traffic violations are also crucial. In some instances accidents, the cause of the crash could be the result of a defective component, which would make the manufacturer responsible. A lawyer can help to pursue claims for product liability in these instances.

When filing a claim it is crucial to document the amount of your damages. This will include your medical bills and other financial expenses, semi truck accident as well as your non-economic damages, which may include pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. The amount of your damages is determined by how much your injuries impacted you. The responsible parties should be held accountable for these damages.

A knowledgeable New York City semi accident lawyer can help you determine who is responsible for your injury and accident. They can gather evidence such as police reports and witness statements and look over the physical inspection of vehicles involved in the accident. Photos taken at the scene of the accident can be helpful and can be a source of surveillance footage and expert testimony.

Time Limits

The injuries suffered in semi-truck accidents can be often life-altering. Victims are often faced with costly medical expenses, severe mental and physical pain losing their earning potential, rising household expenses and other financial loss. Those whose families have lost a loved one to an accident that was fatal often experience grief, loneliness, and other types of emotional trauma.

Insurance adjusters know that claimants might be struggling financially after a catastrophic truck accident However, they should not exploit vulnerable individuals. The victims should instead work with an attorney who understands the complexity of these cases and how to maximize settlements.

An experienced lawyer for truck accidents will assist clients in collecting evidence of all legally compensable losses. This might include the submission of evidence such as medical bills, pharmacy receipts, payments for car and mortgage loans bills for home maintenance and medical reports. Legal professionals may also speak with the doctors of the victims to learn more about the long-term consequences of their injuries. They will also seek out economic experts to calculate the future losses they are likely to incur.

A Bronx trucking accident lawyer can identify the parties responsible for the damages. It is usually a matter of proving the defendant breached his duty of care. This could be due to not conducting regular inspections, improperly loading or securing cargo, violating the rules of hours-of-service, or other negligent acts.

Truck accidents may involve many different parties that are responsible and each one could have their own defenses against the liability. For example truck drivers may be able to defend claims of negligence by arguing that they complied with federal driving rules and only crashed because of mechanical malfunction. A trucking company, however, on other hand, may be held accountable for a crash that they have failed to maintain their vehicles and trucks or hired a negligent driver.

Some states have strict legal limits on when injured claimants can make a claim. Claimants who accept early lump-sum compensation from insurance companies may waive their rights to receive further compensation. However an experienced truck accident lawyer could help claimants obtain temporary financial relief while not waiving their legal rights.

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