A How-To Guide For Birth Defect Claim From Beginning To End

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How to File a Birth Defect Lawsuit

Modern technology and advances in medicine have drastically reduced the risks associated with birth. However, birth defects or injury still occurs frequently.

A birth defect lawsuit seeks to compensate your child for medical expenses, educational costs as well as other losses. To be able to pursue an action, you must demonstrate that medical professionals violated the standard of medical care prior to or during pregnancy or during the delivery.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences a parent can experience. Parents want their babies to be perfect, and doctors try to do everything they can to stop birth defects from occurring. Medical negligence and inattention can increase the risk for birth defects and injuries. When this happens, a stunned family should consider seeking justice through a birth defect lawsuit.

A successful birth defect lawsuit may result in damages for a number of different things. This includes the victim’s pain and suffering, loss of consortium, medical expenses and lost earning capacity. The amount of the damages a victim is awarded will depend on the severity of their child’s illness and the extent that it has affected with their life quality.

Environmental exposures can result in birth injuries and birth defects. Studies have shown that pesticides, including lead and fungicides, as well paints, heavy metals and heavy metals, could increase the risk of birth defects. Birth defect lawyers have brought suits against companies that exposed workers to hazardous chemicals, as well as against pharmaceutical companies who have manufactured medications that can cause birth defects in fetuses like DES.

If you suspect that medical error caused your child’s birth injury or birth defect, seek out a birth defect lawyer immediately. In some states, you only have one year to file a medical negligence lawsuit, and waiting more than that could mean losing your chance to obtain the justice you have earned for your child’s injury.

Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitation is a law that sets the deadline for someone to file a civil lawsuit. A person who misses the deadline will lose the right to seek damages from a defendant. Birth injury cases have more complex statutes of limitations than other kinds of medical malpractice claims.

A lawsuit is typically filed against the doctor or the hospital that caused a patient’s injuries during labor and Birth Defect Lawyer birth. These cases are commonly known as birthing injury lawsuits or wrongful birth suits however Florida’s laws permit parents to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit in the event of a baby’s death.

In a lawsuit for medical malpractice the victim must prove that the doctor at fault was not adhering to the expected level of care and consideration that another medical professional would have used in similar circumstances. This includes failing diagnose a serious condition such as low oxygen levels in childbirth which could lead to cerebral palsy and brain damage.

The first step in filing a birth defect lawsuit is to reach an experienced attorney. Many attorneys provide free consultations for potential clients. If an attorney is convinced that the claim of a client is legitimate they will look over the medical records of the client and hire experts to assess them. They will also assist with the preparation of documents and file the medical malpractice lawsuit on time.

Expert Witnesses

In the case of a birth injury it is crucial to have experts who can explain medical procedures and practices to jurors. However, expert witnesses aren’t easy to work with since they have to carefully review huge quantities of information and be able to make decisions based on the facts rather than opinions. They should also be able to testify on evidence that could contradict their opinion.

In the Daubert case, the plaintiffs’ experts suggested that Bendectin was the cause of birth defects in their child. The judge ruled that the evidence was at the “cutting edge of scientific research, where evidence meets theory and certainty dissolves into probability.” However, the judge did not believe there was enough evidence to support the claim that Bendectin increased the chance of developing birth defects.

The Daubert ruling was a setback for the plaintiffs, who had suing pharmaceutical companies to try and achieve justice. There are many ways for a person who has suffered injury to file a lawsuit for the birth defect.

A Philadelphia birth defect lawyer can assist victims about whether they are eligible for a right to sue. A lawyer can help clients determine if they’re qualified to file an individual lawsuit or a class action. In certain instances a lawyer may bring a birth injury lawsuit as part of multidistrict lawsuit (MDL). To get started you must fill out the form here for the opportunity to have a no-cost and confidential consultation with a qualified lawyer.


Modern technology and recent advances in the medical field may have reduced the chance of complications arising during pregnancy and childbirth, however they’re not entirely eliminated. If a birth defect law firms defect injury occurs, and the cause was preventable, parents may seek legal action to pay for the costs related to treatment.

Medical negligence claims are usually based on a doctor’s failure diagnose or treat an illness. For example, a physician could neglect to perform an ultrasound exam or make a mistake during surgery, which could result in a birth defect similar to spina bifida. Birth defects can also be caused by improper medication that is taken by the mother, or exposure to chemicals or other environmental hazards during the baby’s development during the womb.

A birth defect can affect any part of a newborn’s body and affect their health, performance and appearance. In some instances the birth defect can severely reduce a baby’s life expectancy, or cause a significant amount of medical expenses.

If you suspect the birth defect or injury was caused by medical malpractice or negligent care during labor or birth, contact a qualified birth defect attorney today. A lawyer can provide you with your options and help file a claim prior to the statute of limitation expiring. A lawyer can also negotiate an agreement with the responsible parties for the harm to your infant.

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