Birth Defect Settlement: The Good And Bad About Birth Defect Settlement

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birth defect lawsuits (have a peek here)

While medical advances have diminished the risks of pregnancy, negligence is responsible for numerous birth injuries and birth defects. Whether through chemical exposure at work or improperly prescribed drugs, parents who are stunned often have the right to seek compensation.

In many states, the statute of limitations is only one year. It is therefore crucial to contact an attorney immediately. A skilled lawyer can guide clients through the process and help establish monetary value for their case.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims can arise at any point in the labor, pregnancy or the delivery process. A medical malpractice claim can be filed if a physician does not adhere to the accepted standards of practice and this failure causes birth defects or injury.

Doctors should evaluate an expecting mother’s current medication and consider any health concerns she may have. They must also inform her about the potential risks for her unborn baby. If a doctor fails to fulfill their obligations and causes harm to a patient could be held responsible for medical malpractice.

A birth defect lawyer will help you decide whether a claim for medical malpractice is valid and help you through the legal procedure. A medical malpractice claim is a sensitive matter, so you need an experienced lawyer you can trust.

The sooner you get started, the better. A qualified birth defect lawyer can assist you with filing your claim before the statute of limitations in your state expires. The majority of states allow you one year to bring a lawsuit for medical negligence, and it takes time to handle an event that is devastating. You require an attorney who can move quickly to gather the evidence and records you require for your case. This is especially true when you believe that your baby was injured as a result of medical negligence. The sooner you file a lawsuit the more evidence you can gather to back up your claim.

Environmental Causes

Environmental factors also are a factor in birth defects, even though genetics make up the majority of cases. These factors are often unknown to scientists and could include a mother’s exposure to harmful chemicals or substances at work or home. Solvents, paint thinners, and engraving materials, in addition to cleaning fluids and metal alloys may increase the likelihood of a child being born with a birth defect law firm defect. These kinds of exposures were the foundation of birth defect lawsuits that LK’s lawyers filed on behalf of clients who worked in beauty salons or paint factories as well as semiconductor manufacturing plants.

Sadly, most cases of severe birth defects result from environmental or birth defect lawsuits genetic causes that cannot be prevented by lifestyle choices or medical treatments. Determining the antecedents of a particular birth defect remains an unsolvable problem for scientists and physicians. The only way to cut down on the number of birth defects is to educate women who are expecting and to ensure they are cautious with their choice of foods, drugs and lifestyle choices.

A medical malpractice lawsuit that involves the presence of a birth defect is different from the standard personal injury case in that it requires a thorough understanding of both medical and legal issues. Our birth defect lawyers are experienced with the complicated nature of these cases, and will fight to obtain the justice you deserve.


Pregnancy medications can cause birth defects which can cause facial and limb abnormalities and eye disorders or problems with the spinal cord, brain problems, as well as other conditions. If a child develops an abnormality in birth due to medication, the parents could have an opportunity to sue the drug maker in a lawsuit based on product liability.

A birth defect could also be caused through exposure to prescription drugs, toxic chemicals, and other environmental factors during the first three months of pregnancy, a critical period for development. If your child has a birth defect that may be the result of medication, a birth defect lawyer can help you understand your legal options.

Drug manufacturers must test their products thoroughly before releasing them to the public. They are also required to offer warnings about possible side effects. If a drug manufacturer is identified as selling drugs that cause serious birth defects, the parents may seek compensation through lawsuit with the help of a birth defect law firms defect lawyer.

NSAIDs including lithium, angiotensin II antagonists and cancer drugs like thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol may all cause birth defects. LK’s medical malpractice attorneys have secured billions of dollars for families whose children suffered injuries from the use of these and other pharmaceutical drugs. The firm has also defended cases where children suffered from exposure to toxic chemicals at work or from environmental pollution.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and stressful times in a woman’s life. If something goes wrong, the consequences could be severe. Birth defects that are serious can affect a child’s heart, brain or limbs, as well as the general body functioning. The child could be forced to live a shorter lifespan and result in a lot of suffering for their parents.

While some birth defects are genetic, other could be caused by carelessness of medical practitioners and hospital personnel. This could mean prescribing a medication that could cause birth defects, or putting in the wrong dosage. It could be as simple as an inability to monitor birth Defect lawsuits the health of the fetus or expose the mother to harmful chemicals while she is pregnant.

A New York birth injury attorney should be contacted immediately by any parent who believes that the birth defect or injury of the child is due to medical negligence. A lawyer can assist in determining the best option and the amount of compensation a parent is entitled to.

Birth defects can result from medical malpractice, toxic substances, environmental factors or a combination of. The knowledgeable New York birth defect lawyers at Finz & Finz on Long Island and in New York City can help when you suspect that your child’s condition is caused by the negligence of another. Contact us toll-free for a free case strategy session.

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