Chairwoman of the PDIP Central Executive Board (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat) Puan Maharani stated that her party is considering the Chairman of the Central Java PDIP Regional Executive Board (DPD) Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul and Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada.

प्रश्नोत्तरे चर्चाCategory: QuestionsChairwoman of the PDIP Central Executive Board (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat) Puan Maharani stated that her party is considering the Chairman of the Central Java PDIP Regional Executive Board (DPD) Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul and Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi to run in the 2024 Central Java Pilkada.
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Sudirman mentioned two important requirements that Sohibul Iman can fulfill to lead Jakarta. First, Sohibul is considered likely to focus on managing the residents. “Second, he will easily establish cooperation with the future government due to his flexibility in political interactions so far,” said Sudirman.

“This hearing focuses on the KPU’s decision declaring that the independent candidates did not meet the minimum support requirements,” said Arifudin. The adjudication process at Bawaslu Malang City lasts a maximum of 12 working days from the start of the closed deliberation, and it is now on the fourth day. If on schedule, the decision will be read on 3 July.

Chairman of Bawaslu Malang City, Mochammad Arifudin, announced that the petitioner’s main points, namely the independent candidate pair Sam HC-Rizky Boncel, had been presented. However, the respondent’s response was postponed to June 26, 2024. “The respondent was not ready to provide their response. We have also not received the draft from the respondent,” stated Arifudin after the hearing. The dispute arose after the KPU’s administrative verification results declared that the Sam HC-Rizky Boncel pair had only submitted 40,689 support documents out of the minimum requirement of 48,882 supports needed to become independent candidates in the 2024 Pilkada. Meanwhile, according to Sam HC-Rizky Boncel, they had 54,000 supports. In a closed mediation at Bawaslu Malang City on June 22, no agreement was reached, leading to the adjudication hearing.

[vidio:Headline: Proposed 2024 Simultaneous Regional Elections to be Held on November 27, 2024, Legal Basis?](

For information, KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024 pertains to the determination of the results of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, and the election of members of the House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, Provincial Regional House of Representatives, and Regency/Municipal Regional House of Representatives at the national level in the 2024 General Election .

“Regarding the 45-day period given by the MK, it will not affect the registration schedule for regional head candidates and their deputies ,” Idham told the media on Saturday, June 22, 2024 . Idham explained that once the PSU process is completed according to the MK’s decision , the KPU RI will conduct an open plenary session regarding KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024. “After all follow-up actions on the MK’s decision are completed, KPU RI will hold an open plenary meeting to amend KPU Decision No. 360 of 2024,” Idham explained .

Additionally, Sudirman said Sohibul Iman also has extensive experience in politics. Sohibul Iman was elected three times as a member of the DPR in 2009-2014, 2014-2019, and 2024-2029 periods. He also served as Deputy Speaker of the DPR RI.

**PKS Receives Positive Signal from Surya Paloh to Build Coalition in Jakarta Pilkada** The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has endorsed the Anies Baswedan-Sohibul Iman duo for the 2024 Jakarta Pilgub. PKS President Ahmad Syaikhu mentioned that the General Chairman of the Nasdem Party, Surya Paloh, has given a positive signal towards this pair. “I am continuously building political communication with the NasDem Party, especially I made an effort to meet Mr. Surya Paloh, alhamdulillah he received me warmly and gave a positive signal to build cooperation in the Jakarta Pilkada,” stated Syaikhu at the Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, on Tuesday. Syaikhu stated that PKS needs to build communication with other political parties, including NasDem, to meet the requirements for the nomination of governor and deputy governor in the Jakarta Pilkada. “PKS realizes it cannot endorse a candidate alone because the number of seats we have does not yet meet the requirements to endorse independently; we have only 18 seats, and the requirement is 22. So, we still need 4 more seats,” he said. If you have any thoughts pertaining to where and how to use aturan Dan jadwal pilkada, you can get hold of us at our web site. After NasDem, PKS will soon build communication with the Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB), Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin, to build a coalition in the Jakarta Pilkada. “God willing, in the next few days, I will also try to communicate with PKB, with Cak Imin,” he concluded.

Sudirman understands the DPP PKS decision to support an internal cadre. According to Sudirman, Sohibul Iman is the best cadre who has also led PKS. Sohibul, Wibi continued, has proven successful in increasing PKS’s votes in Jakarta and has navigated through difficult times. He successfully increased PKS’s seats in parliament from 40 seats in 2014 to 50 seats in the 2019 election period.

“His leadership capacity is also proven. If an understanding of field issues is needed, friends and cadres in the PKS faction in the DKI DPRD will be good sources and inputs, given their daily tasks in legislation, budgeting, and oversight in Jakarta Province,” said Sudirman in a written statement, as quoted on Tuesday (25/6/2024).

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