Chapter 4: Water Vapor – Atmospheric Processes And Phenomena

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As the precise heat, thus decided, has in all probability the same worth for many simple gases, the isentropics will have the identical inclination in diagrams of this type for many easy gases. The form of the isometrics and isodynamics within the entropy-temperature diagram, or that of the isentropics and isodynamics in the amount-stress diagram, will rely upon the nature of the fluid, and doubtless cannot be expressed by any easy equations.

On this, nonetheless, depend the types of the isometrics, isopiestics and isodynamics in the entropy-temperature diagram, and of the isentropics, ( isothermals and isodynamics in the amount-pressure diagram. A diagram formed by the former method could also be known as, for the sake of distinction, a volume-pressure diagram,-one formed by the latter, an entropy-temperature diagram. Among these methods, two are particularly essential,-the peculiar technique during which the amount and pressure are represented by rectilinear co-ordinates, and that during which the entropy and temperature are so represented.

In each the diagrams which we are now comparing, they will be straight and parallel to the axis of abscissas. 1. Radar wherein the target is fitted with a transponder and wherein the target retransmits robotically on the interrogating frequency, or a distinct frequency. The next property, however, renders it easy to assemble equidifferent methods of those strains, viz: any such system will divide any isothermal (isopiestic) into equal segments. A confused sea has a extremely disturbed surface with no single, nicely-outlined course of journey, as when waves from completely different instructions meet following a sudden shift within the path of the wind.

A type of advection fog formed when air that has been lying over a heat water surface is transported over colder water, leading to cooling of the decrease layer of air below its dew point.

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