Don't Buy Into These "Trends" Concerning Boat Accident Lawsuit

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How to Get a Fair Boat Accident Settlement

If you or someone close to you was injured in a boat accident it is important to speak with a seasoned personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer can discover crucial evidence and insurance coverage which could lead to a complete settlement from a boat accident.

A number of states have changed laws on contributory negligence that could reduce your compensation if your share of the blame for an accident. A personal injury lawyer can contest these claims to ensure you the highest amount of compensation.

Medical Treatment

Medical expenses can quickly add up when a boating incident can result in serious injuries. These costs are typically paid for in part by a victim’s health insurance. The victim could be left with high coinsurance, deductibles, fees and lost wages due to absence from work. Additionally, non-economic damages may be in play, such as suffering and pain or loss of enjoyment life.

An experienced lawyer can help victims get the financial compensation they require and deserve. They will look over the facts of a case and determine who is liable to be held responsible for the accident. This could include investigating the cause of the accident, by requesting evidence and examining key witnesses.

It is vital for injured victims to seek medical attention promptly following a boating crash. Doing so ensures that any serious injuries are treated and documented correctly. Additionally medical records are a good basis for any claim for compensation.

Injured victims should also notify their insurer. This is especially the case in the event that the victim owned or operated the boat accident lawyer that was involved in the incident. Insurance companies will ask for information like names, contact information and registration or identification numbers of all boat operators as well as witnesses. Additionally, the attorney may request documentation, including photographs of the scene and any visible damage.


It’s important to remember that just as you would in an auto accident you can seek compensation for medical expenses and other losses that result from a boating accident. The amount you can receive may pay for a variety that include doctors’ visits, boat accident attorney X-rays, physical therapy and prescriptions as well as the loss of income resulting from being in a position of being unable to work.

If you’re able to do this, it’s a good idea capture images of the scene of the boating incident and any visible injuries. It’s also a good idea to get the contact information of any witnesses and anyone on board the vessel involved in the accident. This will aid in building your case in the event that you’re required to file an injury lawsuit against the negligent person.

In a personal injury lawsuit, there are four elements that you must prove: the defendant was bound by the duty of care you, they breached this duty, that their breach caused your injury or damages, and that your injuries and damages were the result of that incident. In a case involving boating it is possible to identify more than one defendant as responsible for the accident, based on the level of negligence they displayed and their involvement in the incident.

While it’s important to gather as much documentation as you can after a boating incident however, you shouldn’t apologize or accept responsibility for the incident. This could impede the investigation as well as your boating injury claim.

Insurance Coverage

With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and numerous lakes, it is common for New Yorkers to enjoy water sports such as boating, fishing and more. This type of activity has unique liabilities that should be taken seriously. If you are injured by a boating accident you should seek out an attorney for personal injuries.

An attorney can help you determine the insurance coverage available to your situation. Most responsible boat owners and operators have liability insurance policies that cover any damage caused by their actions. However, if the other party is not insured or underinsured, you may be entitled to additional compensation by way of an excess policy.

Review your boat insurance policy to make sure it is current and covers you for your boat. Generally, these policies provide medical payment coverage that will cover first aid treatment and hospital bills as well as other related expenses in the event that you or a person else is injured on your boat. The policies usually also provide a towing protection that provides for on-site labor and Boat accident attorney towing costs in the amount you choose in the event that your boat is disabled while on the water.

Based on the policy physical damage coverage can be included in the policy agreed value loss settlement that pays you the full amount of the policy in total loss scenarios or coverage for actual cash value that covers the current market value of your boat, minus depreciation. Some policies also cover for pollution (spills) and pet coverage and wreck removal.

Legal Advice

You could be facing substantial damages following a boating accident. These could include serious injuries, property damage, and loss of income. The law seeks to compensate you for your loss, even though you can’t change what happened. This is why you need an skilled Fort Lauderdale boat accident attorney to ensure you receive an honest settlement.

It takes time to resolve the case of a boating accident. Our team will examine the scene of the accident to determine if alcohol was the cause, what safety rules were broken, how long the safety rules had been in place and who was responsible for enforcing the rules. If multiple boat operators are at fault we’ll have to determine their percentage of the blame and determine a settlement based on that.

Although the most typical cause of boating accidents is human error, mechanical failure can also be to blame. This can be anything from electrical system malfunctions to engine failures, propellers, and rudders. Our lawyers will assist you determine whether claims for product liability are appropriate if a mechanical issue is the cause of your settlement.

Financial issues can arise from serious injuries sustained in a boating accident, especially when they require medical attention and/or physical therapy. Common injuries include neck and back fractures, broken bones, internal injuries to the brain such as burns, paralysis and other conditions that have an impact on your daily life.

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