Five People You Should Know In The Semi Truck Lawsuit Industry

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Semi Truck Accident Litigation

If you are looking for information about semi-truck settlements after an accident, you must be aware that every case is unique. It’s not possible to find the average settlement or a calculator for settlements.

One of the most crucial steps in a semi truck accident lawsuit is to investigate and collect evidence. This involves contacting witnesses and conducting a crash scene investigation.


In any incident, gathering evidence and determining the root causes is the initial step. The more details you have the better chance it is that your lawyer can build an effective case for you and ensure you receive fair compensation. In accidents involving semi trucks, that could mean looking into the driver of the truck as well as the company they work for, their history of violations and whether they were pressured to meet delivery deadlines. It could also involve analyzing the vehicle’s black box data and dash camera footage.

Interviews with eyewitnesses or experts as well as other professionals should be part of a thorough investigation. It must also consider any government records relating to the highway on which the crash took place. For instance, if the highway was maintained by a public entity and it was a factor in the crash, the accident victim may be able to establish liability on the part of the entity.

Settlement negotiations are the next step. This usually happens when your injuries have stabilized, but may take longer if the severity of your injuries is serious or if the responsible parties are looking to delay the process. A reputable semi truck accident lawyer will know how to push back against any unreasonable offers and negotiate a fair settlement that accounts for your past and anticipated future expenses.

If a resolution is not reached, the case will go to trial. The trial can last for up to 4 weeks, however, your attorney will make certain that you are prepared for it, which includes prepping for jury selection and your testimony.

Depending on the severity of your injuries and the extent of your injuries, your lawyer may be required to interview you and any other witnesses. It’s a difficult process but it is essential to find the truth from those who are closest to the incident. Your attorney will prepare you for the deposition so you can be honest and truthful while protecting your rights. Your attorney will prepare you for expert witness testimony and a possible deposition from the opposing counsel.


Discovery is the legal method of gathering evidence and facts to prove your claim. In the majority of courts, your lawyer can obtain information from the person at fault and from any third party involved in the accident. Your lawyer can use interrogatories, as well as requests for admissions, production and depositions.

These are written questions that the defendant or their lawyer must respond to within a set time limit. They can only ask questions that pertain to the case, so they are not invasive or infuriating. They can also not inquire about things that are not relevant to your situation such as medical records from a previous accident.

A request for production is a request in writing for any document relevant to your case that the defendant has under their possession. This could range from their vehicle logs to employer policies. It can even be information stored in the black box that is on their truck.

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles may result in devastating injuries. You may suffer permanent physical limitations or even a decreased quality of life. It is crucial that your lawyer has access to all details and evidence pertaining to the accident and the injuries you sustained and the damage you sustained.

Your case will be more convincing If you have all the evidence to support your claim. This includes medical bills, lost wages and any future losses. Your attorney may require witness testimony as well as police records and other documentation to prove the extent of your injury.

A collision with a semi truck accident lawyer-truck could cause serious injuries, for example blunt abdominal trauma that could cause damage to the liver, semi truck accident lawyer pancreas and spleen. Broken ribs can cause internal damage and even puncture the lung.

The loss of a beloved one caused by a collision with an 18 wheeler is devastating and emotionally overwhelming. You may also be facing financial loss as well as the grief and inability of enjoying your life without the person. A wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for these losses. It could include compensation for the loss of inheritance you could have received, funeral costs and the loss of enjoyment of life and companionship that your loved one’s deceased loved ones experienced in their life time.


The amount of compensation that you receive following a semi truck accident is determined by the severity of your injuries and also the total amount of damages. Medical bills, semi truck accident lawyer lost wages, loss of future earnings, property losses and the suffering of others are all considered damages. Matt’s extensive knowledge will allow him to determine your options for recovery and ensure that you receive the most settlement for your claim.

In the majority of cases, a claim to be injured resulted from a collision a semi-truck will involve informal negotiations between you and the insurance company representing the defendant or the employer of the defendant. An experienced lawyer can help you convince the insurance company to raise their initial offer and reveal compensation that might otherwise be missed.

Matt takes the time to meet with your doctors and solicit experts to be able to account for all of your future and current losses in order to maximize your settlement. Matt will work with you and your doctors to determine your current and future damages, and also enlist the help of expert witnesses in order to maximize settlement.

It is vital to begin making a case as soon as possible since evidence may disappear as time passes. Witness statements could also become unreliable if not recorded within a reasonable time of time following the accident.

It could take anywhere from months to several years to settle a claim, particularly if multiple parties are liable and the defending or parties refuse to take responsibility or defend your claims. It can also take longer if the case is brought to trial. However an attorney can speed up the process by negotiating on behalf of you with the defending party and their insurance company, or by participating in formal alternative dispute resolution procedures like mediation or non-binding arbitration.


In some cases a truck accident may involve multiple parties that are responsible. In this case, it is important to investigate the crash to determine the participants involved and their roles in the accident. Our firm will review the evidence to identify possible liable parties, such as trucking firms and drivers. We can also conduct an investigation to gain more information about the incident and find additional witnesses.

In many instances, the parties will settle the dispute outside of court. This can save everyone a lot of time and money, and is in the best interest of everyone involved. Our New York semi truck accident lawyers are ready to defend your rights if there is no settlement and the case goes to trial.

We will be in contact with the insurance company of the at-fault person on your behalf to stop them from using anything you say against you in your trial. The insurance adjusters of the at-fault party and defense attorneys are often described as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” They are trying to convince you to say something they can twist or turn into a negative opinion against you. By taking care of all communications with insurance companies, you can focus on improving your performance and be assured that your words will not be used against you at trial.

Accidents with trucks can cause substantial damages including medical bills, lost wage, and discomfort and pain. Our team will work with you doctor and other experts in order to determine the extent of the damages. This includes calculating both current and future losses, including your inability to return work and loss of consortium.

It is vital to submit a lawsuit within the timeframe of the statute of limitations, or you risk losing your right to seek any damages. Our New York truck accident lawyers can begin preparing your case as soon as you retain us. We’ll work tirelessly to file a claim within the deadlines that are required.

In the event of a car crash or death of a loved, it is important to act fast as evidence can disappear over time. We will be able to connect with witnesses to get their accounts before they forget what they saw. We can also depose relatives, friends, or experts witnesses that you want to testify in your behalf.

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