Forget 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys: 10 Reasons Why You Don't Need It

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How Long Does an 18 wheeler accident attorney [] Wheeler Case Take to Settle?

Accidents that involve big trucks are more complicated than other kinds of accidents. Trucking companies also have teams of lawyers who are determined to not accept liability and limit the amount of compensation plaintiffs receive.

An attorney who is a personal injury lawyer will investigate the accident to determine who is at fault and fight for fair compensation. Here are some guidelines to assist you in your search for a lawyer.

Collecting evidence

A truck accident has to be investigated and documented as any other accident. This involves gathering evidence at the scene of the accident, gathering information about witnesses, and taking photographs of the incident. The more evidence you can provide to support your claim, the greater your chances of receiving compensation increase.

This information will be collected by an experienced lawyer working with trucking and safety experts. They will then send spoliation requests to companies that handle trucking to save any documentation that proves there was a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that led to your accident. Trucking companies usually eliminate these documents when they are under the scrutiny of authorities, therefore a prompt response is crucial to establishing your case.

Some of the most important evidences we collect are from the technology onboard the truck and the logbook of the driver. This information can reveal many things, like the truck driver’s fatigue, or speeding. It could also help determine who was responsible for the accident.

This is the reason it is essential to get a lawyer as soon as you can following the incident. Even a month’s time can be detrimental to your case. A qualified attorney can collect evidence and file your claim before the deadline ends.

Get Medical Attention

Getting medical attention right after an accident is essential. You can treat your injuries while protecting your legal rights. If an insurance adjuster wants to contact you, be polite but firm and forward them to your attorney. This will keep them from using what you have said later against you.

If a commercial vehicle gets into an accident, it could cause significant damage and serious injuries. These accidents happen for a variety reasons. Certain are common to all types of vehicles, while others are unique to large trucks. Speeding – truck drivers often travel a lot of miles in a short time, 18 wheeler accident attorney and may speed up to reach their destination. Distractions, like texting, phone calls, and navigation systems. Daydreaming is another source of distraction that can take the driver’s focus off the road. Stopping distance – larger trucks need a longer time to stop than cars for passengers.

It is important to preserve any evidence found at the accident site. Take pictures of the damage and the 18-wheeler, which struck you and the crash scene. If there are any witnesses, contact them with their details and ask them give a statement in your case. Attend all appointments and seek treatment for 18 wheeler accident attorney your injuries. If you do not attend to a medical appointment or appointment, the insurance company could use that against you in your claim.

Get Legal Help

In addition to seeking medical treatment, if you’ve been in an accident with an 18 wheeler, you should contact an experienced attorney. The best way to protect your rights and get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries is to hire an attorney immediately. Do not contact the insurance company without consulting an attorney. They will try to force you to accept a lower amount than your claim is worth. While you recuperate your claim, let an experienced lawyer deal with the insurance company.

The regulation of trucking companies is governed by federal and state laws, as also private laws, which can increase the complexity of these cases. Often, the trucking company will fight a case with a lot of force to limit their liability. An experienced lawyer can even the playing field and negotiate with the trucking company to maximize your settlement.

Accidents involving large trucks may cause serious injuries. A McAllen lawyer for 18 wheeler accident lawsuits wheeler accidents can help you get the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and car damage, as well as lost wages, legal fees and pain and loss. A skilled lawyer will ensure that you submit your claim within the two year statute of limitations. This is vital, since old evidence could be discarded or witnesses could die. Contact us today to get a no-cost consultation if you have been injured by an 18-wheeler.

Make an Settlement

There are a myriad of factors that affect the length of time required to settle an 18-wheeler accident case. There are disputes regarding liability and damages. If there are several parties involved, it can take longer to settle the truck accident lawsuit. The parties involved might not be willing to compromise which could cause negotiations to take longer.

The amount you get after an agreement has been reached in your 18-wheeler accident case will be contingent upon the severity of your injuries as well as damages you suffered. The most common damages that are incurred in this kind of claim are medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Your lawyer will consider the cost of your current treatment as well as your future medical needs when making a calculation of your damages. Non-economic damages can be difficult to quantify. However your lawyer will collaborate with experts to create an accurate estimation of your loss.

Most plaintiff attorneys are paid on an on-going basis, meaning they don’t get paid until they are successful in the case or have reached an agreement with their clients. The percentage of settlement or court award that a plaintiff attorney receives is contingent upon the state law and details of each case. The majority of lawyers in this area only take about a third of their client’s final settlement.

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