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18 wheeler accident lawsuits Wheeler Lawyers

Every 16 minutes, a person is injured or killed when a crash involves an enormous truck. These trucks carry hazardous or hazardous cargo, including industrial equipment and raw materials.

Because they are so much larger than passenger cars they can easily smash smaller vehicles in a crash. In such cases it is crucial to seek the advice of a lawyer with experience with 18 wheeler accident-wheelers.


A good 18-wheeler lawyer has a stellar reputation for 18 wheeler accident lawyer winning cases and ensuring that their clients receive the compensation they deserve. They should also offer a contingency fee contract that will guarantee that you will not be required to pay any legal costs unless they prevail in the case.

Truck accidents are generally more dangerous than collisions involving passenger cars. This is because an average loaded 18 wheeler weighs around 80,000 pounds, which is more than 20 times more than a typical passenger vehicle. If a large truck and a small passenger cars collide, the car is likely to be severely injured and even fatally.

Commercial trucks are also governed by federal rules that all drivers must follow. These rules govern the length of time drivers can drive without a break as well as the kinds of cargo they can carry. These regulations are enforced by log books, inspection reports and data gathered from “black boxes” on the trucks.

If you’re in a collision with an 18 wheeler it’s vital to get an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney. An experienced lawyer will be able to collect and preserve the evidence and file the necessary documents with the insurance company and represent you in court. They can also help you recover from injuries and calculate the total value of your injuries.


On our roads, you’ll often encounter large trucks and 18-wheelers. They transport a range of items including farm animals as well as frozen foods. They also transport parts for cars, hazardous chemicals, and produce. To operate these huge vehicles, you will need a Commercial Driver’s License and special training. Due their size and weight they can cause devastating collisions if they collide with passenger automobiles.

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries, which can cause life-altering consequences. They can also lead to costly damages, like medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. An experienced Shreveport 18 wheeler accident lawyer has the experience to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your losses.

An experienced attorney will look into the incident thoroughly, collect evidence, and create a solid case on your behalf. They will bargain with insurance companies, and will go to court to fight for your rights if needed. A reputable attorney will have the resources to engage experts to testify on your behalf.

They will ensure that all parties responsible are held accountable. This includes trucking companies repair shops, trucking firms, or other parties that might be responsible for your accident. They will even submit a claim to government entities if they’re responsible for the poor maintenance of roads that cause accidents. They will also keep track your losses and expenses to ensure that you receive the correct compensation.

Trucking Industry Know-how

The federal government strictly regulates the trucking industry. From rules on hours-of-service to sleep apnea test, there are a myriad of things that can adversely affect a truck driver and ultimately result in an accident. Your New York 18-wheeler lawyer should be aware of these rules so that they can recognize when the trucking company, or their driver, is negligent in causing an accident.

Due to the sheer size of semi-trucks trucking accidents can be more serious than other motor vehicles crashes. A NYC truck accident lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries. They will examine the claim, gather evidence, and build a strong case against the person responsible.

Accidents that involve large commercial trucks are among the leading causes of traffic-related fatalities in the United States. Trucks weigh 30 times more than passenger cars and have blind spots that make them difficult to spot. If a truck hits an automobile and causes a catastrophic collision, it could cause injuries and catastrophic damage.

The biggest trucking companies have vast resources to entice victims into walking away or accepting settlements that are less than what they should receive. A NY 18 wheeler lawyer can stand against these large corporations and their insurance companies to ensure you get the most money for your injuries.

Negotiation Skills

The huge weight and size these vehicles cause often results in severe injuries. Typically, those injured in these accidents face an entire year of medical bills and lost wages, and some may even become permanently disabled. Fortunately, a seasoned New York City 18 wheeler lawyer can assist you in fighting the trucking and insurance companies to secure the compensation you’re due for your loss.

The most crucial skill every 18 wheeler wreck lawyer should possess is negotiation skills. Although it isn’t an ability that everyone can master, it is essential to have a successful case. There are several things you can do to improve your negotiation abilities, including engaging in structured training opportunities and reading books and articles on the topic. You should also practice your communication skills.

A skilled 18-wheeler lawyer can determine the cause of your crash and hold all parties accountable for your crash. These include the driver of the truck or company, the leasing or shipping company, as well as the company that manufactures the truck or parts. They can also determine your damages so you can receive the most money possible from your claim. Lawyers can help you receive compensation for other costs incurred by you because of your accident and, of course, your medical expenses.

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