Ten Common Misconceptions About Semi Truck Case That Aren't Always True

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Why It Is Important to Have a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Truck accidents are different than car accidents and can involve several other elements. It can be difficult to navigate the maze of liability issues, from the trucking company and the driver responsible to third-party brokers and parts manufacturers.

Economic damages include compensation for medical bills loss of income, property damage. Noneconomic damages include emotional discomfort, pain and suffering.


Medical bills can be astronomical if the injuries are severe. These costs can quickly consume the savings of a victim and leave them in debt for a long time to come. It is essential to have a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer on your side as soon as you can before settling an insurance company’s initial offer. Your lawyer will scrutinize the offer in detail to ensure it covers your medical expenses or loss of income as well as other financial requirements.

Trucking claims are typically more complicated than other motor accident claims. They involve numerous parties as well as more evidence and a completely different set of laws and regulations. It is essential to choose a Houston truck accident attorney who has dealt with insurance companies and trucking companies, as well as manufacturers of truck parts.

An Attorney with Experience Dealing with Trucking Companies

Safety regulations are stringent for trucking companies and drivers. This includes background checks and limits on the number of hours they can drive in a shift. Infractions to these regulations can lead negligence, which could result in a crash. A Houston truck accident lawyer can help you hold the trucking company accountable for the negligence of their driver.

An Attorney With Experience Dealing with the semi truck accident lawyers Parts Manufacturers

In addition to the trucking company, a third party that may be liable for a collision is the owner of the truck or the manufacturer. If a defect in a component caused the accident, the lawyer may pursue a product liability suit against the manufacturer. These cases require extensive investigation into the design and manufacturing of the component as well as the steps the company did to warn consumers about its risks. Patrick Daniel Law aggressively litigates on behalf of clients against negligent truck parts manufacturers.

A Lawyer Who Can Demonstrate Legal Liability

A Houston truck accident lawyer can establish liability by proving that the defendant did not comply with their duty of care and caused the accident and injuries. This is accomplished through evidence such as witness testimony, police reports and the black box of the truck that records information about how fast the truck was traveling at, as well as other details. Your lawyer can also collect other evidence that supports your claim, including medical records, bills and semi truck accident Lawyer documentation of property damage.

Your lawyer will examine your damages and determine the best amount you are entitled to for both economic and non-economic losses. This includes both future and semi truck accident lawyer current medical expenses and lost income, funeral costs and other financial burdens. Non-economic damages could include mental anguish or suffering, as well as loss of quality of life.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a juror may give punitive damages. These are designed to punish the party at fault for their reckless conduct and deter them from committing similar crimes.

A truck accident is more complex than other motor vehicle accidents because of the size and weight of commercial trucks. Your Houston lawyer for truck accidents will know the complexities of these cases and fight for your rights. Contact us now to set up a an initial consultation for free.

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