The 10 Scariest Things About Window Doctor London

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Window Doctor London Can Save You a Lot of Money

In most cases, when doors or windows aren’t functioning in the way they should, it isn’t necessary to replace them. You can save lots of cash by making sure that hinges, misty locks and seals fixed as quickly as possible.

Window Doctor London is proud to restore windows back to their original state. They are aware of the architectural heritage that London has and are proud in it. This could include the restoration of wooden frames with intricate designs and reproduction of period-appropriate glass.


Windows define the character of a structure, whether they are the focal point of a historical church or an elegant entrance to a modern condominium. Their delicate construction and the demands of London’s climate could compromise their function and aesthetic however, timely repairs can help to maintain the integrity of windows and provide safety and security.

Preventive Maintenance

Window Doctor London provides preventive maintenance to detect and fix issues before they become major issues. This includes cleaning, inspection and lubrication for moving parts to prolong their lifespan and improve efficiency. Upgrades like double-glazing and weatherstripping can lower energy costs.


Window Doctor provides fast, efficient repair services for windows and doors. Our technicians can repair any problem, whether it’s a sash window that is stuck in an Victorian terrace or a double-glazed pane that is misty in a modern apartment.


London’s rich architectural heritage demands that the historic windows be maintained. This can be complicated by the unpredictable weather patterns in London and busy urban life. window fitters in london Doctor specializes in the repair and replacement of traditional timber sash windows, restoring them to a condition that is worthy of a catalogue and enhancing their function. The company provides a range of restoration services that include repair and replacement of decorative leadwork on stained glass windows.

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