The Reasons Bunk Bed Tree House Will Be The Hottest Topic In 2023

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Tree House Bunk Bed Full of Dreams

This tree house style bunk bed is perfect for encouraging imagination and play. Kids will be thrilled to climb up the ladder to look out the window of their bedroom or sliding down the slide.

Under the lower twin bunk, there’s a lofted storage space which is ideal for books and toys. It can also be used to keep folded blankets and clothes away from view.

Product Description

Imagine a house within an apartment with this charming tree bunk bed for the house. Its cottage-style is the dream of all dreams, providing children a space to play and sleep while igniting their imaginations so that they can come up with their own adventures even when the weather gets bad and they are unable to go outside.

The upper twin bed features an entrance door and a window cut out that is perfect for looking out of, and the bottom full bed with casters is able to be repositioned to create a cozy little nook for playing or reading. The built in ladder provides easy access to the top bed while making space. The side rails help keep kids safe.

Update your kids’ rooms with this adorable tree house bunk bed, constructed from sturdy pine wood and designed to resemble the ultimate cabin fort. The rustic and playful finish adds a touch of warmth to any space but still keeps things simple and tidy. Bed linens and mattress are not included. Some assembly is required. Shipping is available to the lower 48 states only. Due to differences in monitors the actual colors may differ slightly from the ones shown. Certain items are not shipped to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO/DPO or addresses.

Product Features

At least once, every child has dreamed about sleeping in a childrens double wooden treehouse bed high up in the branches. This loft bed takes that fantasy to new heights and makes it possible for anyone’s bedroom.

The top bunk is accessible via an integrated ladder that is space-saving and guardrails that provide safety and security. Solid pine wood construction ensures that this bed will last while adding a rustic finish to your children’s room. This bunk bed is cheaper and easy to build since it does not require a box spring.

A quaint front porch and two windows add to the charm of this unique bunk bed. It is the perfect solution for a shared bedroom between siblings or for children who love hosting sleepovers.

This unique design, in contrast to conventional bunk beds, lets the bottom bed to sit at a level with the floor, providing a more comfortable sleep experience for children who may be uncomfortable on the raised platform. This allows children who prefer to read or engage in other activities before bedtime to be able to access the top bunk.

The loft area of this bunk bed is framed with decorative panels that surround it and is adorned with cute signs and a painted tree. The front of the home has a cute pitched roof with cut-out windows and doors that are painted pink.

Mlily USA, the parent company behind Jama mattresses and sleep products, transformed the interior of its Las Vegas Market showroom into a whimsical tree house bed house bunk bed display to showcase its new line of kids furniture featuring cute animals from Haibu. The display was a reference to Mlily’s long-time philanthropic partnership with Special Spaces, an organization that redesigns bedrooms for critically sick children. Visit the Mlily USA Blog for more information on this partnership.

Product Options

Kids can dream, invent and play in bunk beds that are designed to be playhouse. Let their imaginations take over and feel as if they’re high in the trees. This stunning children’s treehouse bunk bed from Mathy By Bols is an amazing option that can transform their bedroom into a magical space.

The perfect choice for a twin bed over a full bunk, this Treehouse bed for boy loft bed features an adorable cottage style with a gorgeous grey finish that looks great in any child’s room. There’s a built-in ladder that makes it easy for little ones to climb to the top bunk, and sturdy guardrails on either side. The bottom bunk is located at floor level and can be used as a single twin bed for children who share a room, or as a comfy place to sleep when guests visit.

You can also opt for a fun tent or fort canopy to add an extra element of magic to your children’s time at bedtime. This fun bunk bed for your home comes with a slat roll foundation, eliminating the necessity of box springs and saves you money. It’s also easy to clean and safe for your kids as it meets or exceeds all CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

This bunk bed in playhouse style is constructed of sturdy pine wood and has a beautiful look. The rustic and playful finish is perfect for any child’s room and the built-in guardrails on both sides provide added security for older children who wish to sleep higher. This is the ultimate bunk bed that will make your children feel loved and special every time they get up.

Product FAQ

This bunk bed will encourage your children to play and dream of the adventures they can experience as they develop. Children will love this bed and keep it in their memory for the rest of their lives.

This sturdy, all wood bunk bed is designed with safety in mind. It features a playfully rustic finish that matches any contemporary decor. A sturdy guardrail and a built-in ladder offer extra safety for children on top bunk. A full-size bed on casters fits under the upper twin bunk to create a chic bed that is space-saving.

During the Las Vegas Market, Mlily USA is the manufacturer of Jama Mattresses and Sleep Products will transform a section of its showroom into a tree house-themed environment with plush animals from Haibu, the brand for children that launched this fall with books, a television show, YouTube channel, video games and other media that follows the character Haibu through adventures in the outdoors. The exhibit will also highlight Mlily’s philanthropic relationship with Special Spaces. This nonprofit remodels bedrooms for children who are seriously ill.

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