What Is The Reason Boat Accident Lawsuit Is Right For You?

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Benefits of Working With Boat Accident Lawyers

When a boating collision results in significant medical bills and lost income it is essential to have experienced legal representation for your protection. Our team has a deep understanding of New York boat accident laws and can provide complete legal services.

After an accident, the responsible party’s insurance company may demand a written report from you. Do not give one unless you have an attorney present.


A personal injury lawyer could have experience handling a variety of accidents, but the odds of winning are greater if you work with a lawyer who specializes in boating-related accidents. In addition an attorney who handles these cases might have a firsthand understanding of what causes accidents on the water.

A boat accident can be a terrifying, traumatic experience. A boating accident can be a terrifying and frightening event. A victim of a boating accident may have medical bills totaling thousands of dollars. In addition, they may require money to pay for the time they’ve lost at work.

The legal process for obtaining compensation from at-fault parties is extremely complex. In order to be successful, a claim must meet four criteria including breach of duty causation as well as the proximate cause. Lawyers can help the victim establish these facts by using the discovery process.

The legal team of Belushin Law Firm is able to handle all aspects a boating accident case, including filing a lawsuit for product liability against the manufacturer who built your boat accident attorneys in the case of a dangerous flaw in the design. They may also file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the accident. They may be able get punitive damages if they can prove that the defendant’s conduct was particularly outrageous and obscene.


While the person who was injured is focusing on medical care and recovery, an attorney will conduct a thorough accident investigation to gather evidence that can be used to create a solid claim for compensation. This could include requests for maintenance reports, cell phone and security camera videos, photographs of the damage to the vessels involved as well as the scene of the accident witnesses’ statements, and other reports and data that could be crucial to the claim.

The attorney can also support the claim with evidence of damages such as medical expenses, long-term care costs, future lost income and funeral costs. They can also help obtain other important documents such as proof of insurance police reports, medical examination results, witness names and contact details licenses for boat operators, safety and production records for the manufacturer and Coast Guard inspection reports.

In personal injury claims it is commonplace to try to assign the plaintiff some degree of responsibility for the accident. This could lower the amount that they are entitled. We try our best to ensure that defendants don’t suffer unfairly and boat accidents we do our best to help our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation that is allowed by law.

Call our attorneys to schedule an appointment free of charge for anyone who to have been injured in an accident on an inflatable boat. We will listen to you and discuss the options for recovering and determine the responsibility of the person who caused the accident.


A serious boating accident could cause far-reaching effects. Medical bills can quickly add up, and the loss in income can make difficult for victims to live. Injuries may also result in permanent disability that makes it impossible to return to work. It is essential to hold those who caused the injuries accountable.

A New York personal injuries lawyer can assist victims of boating accidents receive the full amount of compensation for their losses. This can include future or past medical expenses as well as loss of earnings as well as pain and discomfort, Boat accidents the loss of enjoyment, and more. For workers who were injured on commercial vessels, they might be able to pursue damages through a workers’ compensation claim or a lawsuit brought under maritime law.

The first step is to gather evidence. This includes the contact information and names of all boaters who were involved in the accident, as well the registration or identification numbers of all boats and vehicles as well as the insurance policy numbers. A skilled NYC lawyer can use this information to determine who is liable for the accident, and to craft settlement agreements on behalf of their clients.

Our lawyers can also assist victims pursue claims against maritime employers who attempt to cut off their obligations to pay injured seamen maintenance and cure benefits by declaratory actions. This can be costly mistake and our lawyers will fight to ensure that all your injury-related expenses are paid for.


After a serious boating incident, victims may be left with substantial medical bills and other financial losses. A Long Island boating accident lawyer will assist victims to obtain the compensation they deserve.

A successful claim in a boating accident can result in the restitution of damages, including medical bills as well as property damage, emotional distress, and lost wages. In certain instances, the court system can also award punitive damages for reckless or negligent behavior on the part of the defendant.

It is imperative to seek medical attention right away after being injured in a boating accident. It is also a good idea to keep a log of the incident and collect any evidence you can, including photographs of injuries, bruises or property damage. A reputable NYC lawyer for boating accidents will be able to use this information to support the argument for general negligence which is the basis for filing a lawsuit against someone responsible for your injuries.

The most frequent causes of boat accidents include overloading vessels, navigating in dangerous weather conditions, or traveling too close to other vessels or underwater structures. There are boats that do not have safety equipment, such as flare guns, life vests, and first aid kits. Boat owners may also not maintain their vessels in a proper manner and fail to follow the accepted maritime safety standards.

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