What's Holding Back From The Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Industry?

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The law firm you choose should be familiar with both New York and federal trucking laws. This is because accidents involving 18 wheelers (semi-trucks) may involve several parties liable.

Truck drivers, for example must adhere to strict federal regulations regarding fatigue. If these regulations are not observed and the truck driver becomes tired while driving, they can be held accountable for the accident.


Commercial trucks can cause massive damage to cars that are in collisions due to their size and weight. These accidents can cause fatalities or catastrophic injuries. To ensure you receive a fair amount of compensation for your losses, it’s important to consult an experienced lawyer for 18 wheelers as soon as you can after the accident.

Truck accidents require more evidence than normal car accident claims because of the complexity of these accidents. They often involve physics chemistry as well as federal trucking regulations driving standards, biology and medical knowledge. It is also essential to determine who was at fault in the collision, as this will help determine the type of compensation you may be entitled to.

A good Shreveport attorney for injuries to 18-wheelers will assist you in obtaining the documentation and evidence needed to establish your case. Included in this are the police report, photographs and witness statements. Many commercial vehicles are equipped with “black box” devices that collect data about the truck before and after the incident. Attorneys can retrieve the information and use it to establish negligence on the part of the truck driver or the company.

Trucking companies have large insurance policies and will defend any claim to limit their liabilities. Your lawyer will directly negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure that you are compensated fairly for your injuries.


If you’re injured in an accident involving a truck, both the truck driver and the trucking company could be held accountable. An experienced 18 wheeler lawyer will investigate your accident to determine if the trucker violated traffic laws and caused your injuries. They will also be able to identify manufacturing defects that could have contributed to your accident.

A large truck weighs 30 times more than a normal passenger car, which means that any collision between the truck and a passenger vehicle could cause catastrophic injury and damage. Because of this, commercial trucks are subject to more stringent laws than passenger vehicles. An experienced attorney can review all relevant traffic laws and regulations in order to ensure that the driver didn’t violate any of them.

For large trucks to work properly, they require an extremely thorough and regular maintenance. Inability to conduct regular inspections and keep detailed records can cause problems like brake failure or the blowout of a tire. A knowledgeable lawyer can go through the trucking company’s maintenance records to ensure that the equipment met certain standards prior to when a crash took place.

Truck accidents are quite common in areas with high traffic. Drivers of smaller vehicles could interfere with the truck’s turn or cut it off when stopping. In some cases, the truck may be jackknifed and block traffic. An attorney can help you pursue compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses arising from the crash.


If you’ve been involved in a collision with an 18 wheeler truck, an experienced law firm will be able to handle every aspect of your case. They will ask for a copy the crash report, send an investigator to the scene of the accident and lawyers take witness testimony, speak to insurance companies, and settle your medical bills. They will also ensure that the trucking company isn’t taking evidence away or hiding the evidence.

The 18-wheeler is a lot more dangerous because of its size and weight. They have large blind spots and can cause severe injuries when they hit smaller vehicles. Most of these accidents happen due to the fact that trucking companies or drivers have not followed the basic safety rules.

Commercial trucks are governed by strict Federal regulations that regulate how long they are allowed to be on the road without a break and also what they are allowed to consume while driving, and the amount of cargo they can haul. They are also required to undergo regular inspections and maintenance. Their brake systems, as as other components, are monitored through log books and devices known as “black boxes” that keep track of the vehicle’s performance. Florida is an area that permits comparative negligence, which means that the responsibility of the truck driver might not always be 100 percent. Joe is a Houston truck accident attorney who has experience in dealing with these complex legal issues.


A good lawyer for accidents involving 18 wheelers will not charge a fee unless he or she wins the case. You may also be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. You should speak with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer as soon as you can following your collision to ensure that he or she can begin gathering evidence and investigate the crash scene.

A major truck accident could cause serious injuries, or even death, to a passenger vehicle. Victims are often faced with many years of visits to the doctor and costly medical treatment and loss of income. In addition, they may be permanently disabled. A reputable attorney for 18-wheelers will fight trucking companies and insurance companies to secure the maximum compensation that you deserve.

If you decide to decide to sue the trucking company you must file the lawsuit within two years of the date of your crash. In the event that you delay, you will be limiting the amount of evidence that can be collected and also gives the trucking company more time to develop defense. Also, witnesses might move or pass away within the period of time and memories can fade.

Truck accidents are complicated, involving many areas of the law. These accidents may involve the sciences, chemistry, and federal regulations for trucking. They can also involve biology, medicine and driving standards. It is difficult for non-lawyers to study and decide on these cases. In addition, trucking and insurance firms have the resources to force victims into accepting unjustly low settlements.

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