Will Mid Sleeper Treehouse Bed Ever Be The King Of The World?

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Bunk Bed Tree House With Slide

Many children dream of owning a tree house beds house at least once during their lifetime. They can sleep, play, invent, dream to hide away to develop, study, read and even party there.

Bunk toddler bed Treehouse tree house with slide is a great source of amusement for children during both sleep and playtime. It comes in a variety of 26 fun colors that will match with any theme for a kids tree house bed bedroom.


A bunk bed with a slide transforms the sleeping area into a thrilling playhouse where kids will enjoy spending time. It encourages imagination and fun as they pretend to climb up to a lookout tower, or sliding down a rope. It’s perfect for sleepovers or converted into two separate beds if children prefer to use the top bed as a single.

This unique bed was designed by Belgian manufacturer Mathy By Bols and is available in 26 colors that will match the theme of your child’s bedroom. The treehouse is a wooden structure on stilts with the roof, stairs, and an elevated platform. It has been crafted with care and attention to details. The space beneath can be used as a reading nook, chill zone or den. It can help your child to relax and unwind after a long day, while also providing a cozy place to hide away when the weather is bad.

The bunk’s pitched roof splits down the middle, allowing easy access to the built-in slide. This is a fantastic feature, since it provides kids a way to wake up in the morning. However, the central position of the slide may hinder the bottom bunk for daily use, so it might not be suitable for regular sleeping.

While the top bunk offers enough space for two children to sleep comfortably, it is more suitable for older children who enjoy sleeping alone. Its sturdy construction and strong safety rails make this bunk an ideal option for a bedroom for children of all ages. It also comes with an extra-long ladder that can be transformed into two separate twin size beds for maximum versatility.

The treehouse-style design of this bunk is certain to appeal to kids and will surely become the focal point of any bedroom. It is constructed of high-end materials and has a durable frame that will last for years. It’s a versatile piece that can be easily repainted in any color scheme to match your bedroom. The unique design of this bunk will add an extra dimension to your child’s sleeping space and the curving edges are safe for their delicate little bodies.


This stunning bunk bed treehouse that has a slide created by Mathy By Bols will transform your child’s bedroom into a fantastic space that makes them feel like they live among the trees! The roof and wall sections provide a relaxing place to relax, sleep, and dream, hide, find yourself, grow, study or read.

Children will be thrilled to climb up the ladder or climbing on the platform to peer through the window, and then speeding down the slide. You can even add fairy lights to the structure to create a special effect. The bottom bunk is lower than the upper level making it easier for little ones to move into and out of the bed.

It is constructed of gorgeous Baltic Birch wood that can withstand years of rough usage. It comes with an integrated ladder that saves space and is simple to put together. The entire item is delivered flat-packed in a box that’s easy to use. It is able to be assembled with the help of a partner within less than a hour. The instructions are simple and clear.

This incredible bunk bed treehouse with slide is suitable for kids aged 3 and up. It is available in twin or full sizes, and can be customized to match the decor of your child’s bedroom. The unique loft bed has saw cuts and deliberately uneven boards to give it a classic treehouse look. It is manufactured in Belgium and will add a touch of magic to the bedroom of your child.

The unique design of this bunk bed tree house with slide makes sharing a bedroom more enjoyable for siblings. It can be customised with the addition of a trundle pull out bed for sleepovers. The top bunk comes with a built in ladder, and the side panels are reversible to allow you to choose you want to place the slide on the left or right. It’s easy to turn this amazing bunk into a hideaway in the jungle or the beach hut, woodland hideaway or princess tower with the proper bedding and accessories.


Be aware that this kind of bed could pose hazards. These include accidents that cause cuts, bruises, and head injuries that can be caused by falls from the top of the treehouse bed when playing or sleeping. These accidents are usually more severe than those that occur with the standard bunk bed due to the higher height that is required in this kind of bed for kids.

To minimize the risk of these types of injuries, only choose a full or twin bunk bed with guardrails on both sides of the upper bunk. Also, make sure that the platform and ladder are securely fixed to the frame, and that they cannot easily slip or disengage during playing.

It is also important to ensure that the ladder is set in a way that it is not within reach of children under six years old, because this age group is more prone to sustain injuries while climbing or sleeping on the upper level of the bed in the treehouse. Also, you should only use the mattress size that is recommended for the bunk bed, and ensure that the slope’s landing is free of obstructions and debris.

To ensure a safer sleeping environment it is also important to teach your kids the importance of adhering to family “house rules” for using a bunk bed that includes a slide. Children should, for instance climb the ladder one step at one time. They should only slide down once they have cleared the other users. They should also be careful not to jumping on the top bunks, laying on the bottom bunks and sliding down and other risky actions.

Lastly, you should make sure that the bunk bed is not placed in an area close to any light or window fixture since this could pose a tripping hazard. You should also place the bunk bed far enough away from furniture in the room to ensure that your children do not bump into them or knock them over when playing on the roof of the treehouse.


It is possible to transform your child’s room into a fun and exciting space by installing a bunk bed that has a slide. These unique beds feature an incline ladder, a platform which doubles as a sliding surface and are perfect for children who love to imagine and play. You can pick from a variety of designs and colors so that you can find the perfect treehouse bunk bed that will complement your child’s bedroom decor.

The ultimate of children’s bedrooms This treehouse bunk bed is guaranteed to be the focal point of your child’s room. Made from high-end wood and sturdy construction, it’s built to last through years of use. The ladder is easy to climb by anyone and the top bunk bed comes with its own roof and windows. The bunk bed can be finished in a dark grey to match your bedroom decor.

This bunk bed features adorable treehouse designs that your children will enjoy. It’s also simple to assemble. It has a built-in ladder and side rails, and it can accommodate two twin mattresses. Its slat-roll foundation doesn’t require an additional box spring, which makes it a budget-friendly option for anyone on a budget. It’s also able to allow an additional trundle under the bunk below. This makes it a great option for sleepovers.

Children are naturally adventurous and fun-loving It’s not a surprise that they love to spend time in their personal treehouses. This bunk bed tree house with slide from Mathy By Bols lets the children to live their dreams in the comfort of their home. The structure, handmade in Belgium and is customizable to meet your specific requirements. Choose from 26 different colors to create a truly unique treehouse bunk bed.

This bunk bed is made of solid pine and has rustic finishes. It’s designed for durability. The top bunk is adorned with sturdy guardrails, and the ladder is sturdy enough to support your kids’ weight. The space beneath can be used as a study or creative corner or even a peaceful space to read or relax.

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